What's New
  • More small updates and fixes, released v1.2
  • Small update, v1.11 released
  • SpamSlayer v1.1 released
  • SpamSlayer v1.0 released (7/18/02)


Welcome to the SpamSlayer project of

The purpose of this project is to create an effective anti-spam mechanism for Mozilla mail.

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SpamSlayer uses heuristics and plugs right into Mozilla mail. It filters your email transparently and most spam never even reaches your inbox. Anything that looks like spam is directed into a separate "Possible Spam" folder for later review.

I expect SpamSlayer to catch 80-100% of spam.

As needed, I will update SpamSlayer. Check back here occasionally.

2.7.2003 - I've updated the SpamSlayer package to work with the new filtering filename change, as well as fixing one of the filters. SpamSlayer will be nicer to messages with attachments after
Bug 136055 is fixed.
11.20.02 - SpamSlayer is working great. I've discarded the spam account and have been using SpamSlayer on my main email address for a while. The only problem is that sometimes attachments hit one of the filters because they are encoded in ASCII text. With the current limitations in Mozilla's filters, it is not possible to fix this. This isn't much of a problem, just look through your Possible Spam folder every so often.
8.18.02 - I've setup an email account and I've done all the wrong things with the address. Once the spam starts rolling in, I'll be improving SpamSlayer heuristics using the spam to well, you get the idea...

The spamslayer project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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